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Integrated school program

Eyelash extensions have been considered the fastest growing part of the beauty industry for several years now. The demand for high quality lash training has become essential for all cosmetology and esthetician schools. Bella Lash provides a turn-key solution for schools to integrate eyelash extensions into their own curriculum. Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible.

Bella Lash offers superior lash training so that professional schools can have the opportunity to expand their curriculum and skill set. Our mission is that each and every integrated Bella Lash school will be confident and successful in teaching the art of eyelash extensions. Schools can expect a rigorous and hands-on training to prepare them to educate their students on this technical skill.


Since our beginning, Bella Lash has proven to be the most innovative and trusted brand in the industry. Whether its products or training, we are driven to define the industry standards. By Partnering with Bella Lash, you can be assured that your education program and products are the most advanced and up to date in the industry.


Our goal is to make your transition into eyelash extensions as seamless as possible. From a Comprehensive, in-depth training on the art of eyelash extensions, to the implementation of our training program, we will guide you every stop of the way.

After a customized proposal is designed and accepted, our team will get to work on developing your specific program. Once ready, our integration team will come to your location to train your staff. All education materials will be designed and provided by Bella Lash to suit your specific needs. Once the training is over, everything will be in place to begin educating certifying your own students.


The customization process begins by learning about your school’s specific needs and goals. The Bella Lash training program is then customized to meet your needs. This includes process flows, education materials, training manuals, and student kits. All budgets can be accommodated through the customization process.


Your relationship with Bella Lash will continue far beyond the initial training. After your training course, you will have access to all that Bella Lash has to offer. We have account managers dedicated to your school to ensure that you succeed and excel in your new program. In addition, we are always working on updating training procedures and products to help keep your students ahead of the industry.


Step One - Fill out our “Become a Certified Affiliate School” form. A Bella Lash representative will be in contact with you, to discover more about what we can do for your school or salon specifically. A custom proposal will then be developed for your specific needs.

Step Two - Bella Lash will come to your location and train your staff on our training program. Your staff will then become Associated Bella Lash Trainers.

Step Three - After you complete our course, you will become a Certified Bella Lash Affiliate School. You will have access to all that Bella Lash has to offer. As new materials and products are updated, your school will be included in all changes.

Step Four - Everything you need for a successful program will be in place and your staff will be ready to start training new students. By attending your school and participating in your lash curriculum, students will become certified Bella Lash Artists.

We have trained and certified thousands of successful lash artists. Let us help your school or salon begin a new eyelash extension program today!

Become a Certified Affiliate School